Asot Michael was born on December 21, 1969, in Guadeloupe, French West Indies. Michael’s family was politically active. His father and grandfather were politically involved and had an intense love for Antigua and Barbuda. Michael’s father was a fundamental pillar of support to the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party from the early 70s. Asot Michael presenced that Patrick Michael had the party’s interests at heart, and he sacrificed his business to help guarantee success for the party. Born in a politically involved family, Asot was involved in philanthropic projects to help improve their quality of life. 


His involvement in the social-political practices at an early age instilled in him the love of public service. After completing his O’ Level GCE in 1986, Michael Joined Barry University. In 1989 Asot Michael graduated with a double major in BS Administration and Economics and Finance. Asot Michael would later enroll through the University of Miami in 1990 for an MBA degree. Michael has received a national award from the United States Achievements Academy for his exemplary academic accomplishment. Asot Michael serves St Peter Constituents as their member of parliament. As their leader, Asot has managed to inaugurate a successful path that will help to advance the quality of life. 


Michael believes in community development and growth, and he has improved public infrastructure. Through his entrepreneurial and socio-political background, Michael has managed to bring an evolution to the tourism department. He has also helped in implementing policies that help better the lives of the local traders. The local traders and businesses are the backbone of the Antiguan GDP. Therefore, Michael has defined strategies and policies that have helped improve the local commerce (Pinterest). 

His journey as a public servant started at the prime minister’s office, where he served as the Special Administrative Assistant. Honorable Lester Bryant Bird recognized his exemplary skills, and in 1997, he became the Chief of Staff. Michael served in different capacities while in the Office of the Prime Minister. He was once the Minister of Public Works and the Minister of State. Due to his unique and diligent leadership traits, Asot Michael has a massive following from the Antiguan people. The followers are loyal to the development of Antigua and Barbuda. Michael believes in advancing quality of life while promoting growth socially, economically, and politically.