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Desiree Perez & the Music Industry Shake Up

The world wide music industry is somewhat famous (or infamous, depending upon whom you ask) for being male dominated, far more so than many other popular industries in the country. Given that the global music industry is also a extremely profitable (with an annual aggregate pull of over 17 billion dollars in 2016 alone) and socially alluring (what young girl would complain if she was able to become a pop star?), it only stands to reason that women, sooner or later, would try and break into the upper echelons of the system. This is precisely what Desiree Perez is doing in leading the charge for females in the music and entertainment sector and more information click here.

Ms. Perez is perhaps best known from her business ventures with Shawn Corey Carter, otherwise more commonly known by his stage name, Jay-Z, the successful and extremely influential American rapper and business mogul. Over the past 22 years Ms. Perez has been working tirelessly on behalf of Shawn Carter to help him expand his various different businesses and corporate holdings, one of the newest and seemingly most promising of these is the American entertainment and talent promotion, Roc Nation. Indeed, so deep and extensive is her involvement with Mr. Carter that it would not be unreasonable to say that without Desiree Perez, the rapper might never have become the music industry mogul he is today and Des Perez on Facebook.

Desiree Perez, in conjunction with her husband, Juan Perez, have formed what has come to be known as the Hova Circle of Influence, a tight-knit group of entertainment minded business men and women who have invested heavily in the music industry. One of the primary ways in which Perez is increasing her business acumen and the role of women in that very industry is through her clients, such as Rhianna, for whom she helped organize the pop star’s Anti tour and what Des Perez knows.

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