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The launch of Talk Fusion University by Bob Reina

At precisely 11 am Eastern time on 23rd June 2017, the Talk fusion announced their new program, Talk Fusion University. It is a training program that is aimed at giving professional training. The training is to be done by the company’s CEO and founder; Bob Reina reason being that he has over two and a half decades of know-how in the industry of network marketing.


Talk Fusion is a system that operates online and helps people in aspects of business opportunities. Most of its merchandises are in the form of videos hence it deals mostly with digital products as opposed to physical products. The company provides various products aimed at helping individuals promote and grow their businesses online. Their top product came to be known as video email marketing. Notwithstanding, they have developed to provide other solutions all with the aim of assisting businesses to stand out from their competition, increase sales and profits and keep their clientele coming back for more.


Some of Talk Fusion’s products are video email and Fusion On The Go which is a mobile app that allows one to do video emailing. Others include video newsletters, E-Subscription, and Video Auto Responders which is a product that helps people make custom pages. Fusion wall allows people to post videos on the Talk Fusion video wall. More products are the video blog, video share and connect which is a platform that offers an opportunity to host webinars.


The company grants its customers with the chance to choose from different packages that are based on their budget consideration and business nature. Learn more:


The company’s newly launched program, Talk Fusion University currently hosts almost 50 videos showcasing Bob Reina’s skills on how he has been able to create prized goods and trade prospects. It also shows a treasure of written assets hauled from Talk Fusion’s blog and Bob Reina’s ever-increasing journalism portfolio. The university was launched in English and Bahasa and aims at translating to other languages like Chinese, Czech, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, French and Hungarian. However, it requires a Talk Fusion Associate ID for entry.