Why Securus Technologies Gave a Sense of Security to Our Staff

Securus Technologies is continually improving themselves and their communication services on a weekly basis, as was the idea of the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Rick Smith, at the head of Securus Technologies.


The philosophy of having updates every week and making sure there are novelties and additional functionalities at least four times a month is a great way to prove to your clients that your software is superior to the competition in the market.


Securus Technologies has won the heart and business perspectives of the majority of prisons and correction agencies in the states that the company provides services to. Nearly 70% of the organizations in these regions are using Securus Technologies because of their superior communication services.


That goes without saying that inmates also have a preference for Securus.


Many inmates were interviewed by the time the prisons they were in began switching from one communication company to the other. The results were overwhelmingly positive from inmates that were experiencing the telephone services of another provider and then changed to Securus Technologies. The biggest compliments were the lack of noise in the call, the possibility of contacting your friends and family with a few clicks of a button, and the sense of safety that it provided to the professionals who worked there, because now they were able to have higher intimacy when talking to the phone.


The biggest reason why Securus Technologies gives such an enormous sense of security is the ability of monitoring calls with the Securus system. With that, inmates do not have to be monitored every time they want to talk to someone on the telephone; instead, law enforcers use the monitoring service to review past calls if they think there is something suspicious that demands their attention.


Securus Technologies has conquered an entire market with their dedication to an ever-better product.



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