Robert Thikoll Believes In People and Attributes His Success To Being A Part Of The Team

Robert Thikoll is an early starter, and he likes to begin his day with the most challenging meetings and thought projects. He believes that business is all about people and that developing and mentoring people is a great habit for any entrepreneur to have. While we live in a world of technology, Robert focuses more on human relationships and interacting with people. He also has learned that it doesn’t take special circumstances, luck, or the right timing to solve the hardest problems; it can be done any day out of the year.

To grow any business, Robert Thikoll knows that you can’t force your ideas or past experiences on a new team. It’s best, he believes, to gain a firm understanding of the new problems that present themselves and to create a desire in the world for your business has to offer. He has learned through trial and error that failure comes from not relying on the efforts of your team but trying to do everything yourself.

Robert Thikoll started out early in life by earning two different Bachelor’s degrees from Arizona State University. One of these was a Political Science Degree and the other was in Japanese. He also worked to earn a minor in Asian studies from the same University. In 2014, he became the Vice President of Operational Excellence for Ingersoll Rand, which is a $13 billion business that operates worldwide.

Included in the Ingersoll Rand family of brands is Trane, Thermo King, Club Car, and Ingersoll Rand. Robert Thikoll works in his role to help the company grow and, along with the rest of his team, offers leadership and hands-on help to keep the company lean. He also works on strategies with the leadership of the company to find more opportunities to grow.

During the period of 2000 to 2015, Robert Thikoll was vice president for Danaher and worked closely with Danaher’s Beckman Coulter Life Sciences in Indiana. He also has many years of experience working with Aisin Takaoka Company and lived in Japan during that time. His commitment to excellence has won him numerous awards, and he plans on continuing to remain committed to whatever company he serves.

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