Paul Mampilly’s investment advice to Main Street Americans

About two-thirds of Americans keep their money in banking accounts where the funds do no attract interest or very little if any because of fear of risk that many investors fight to overcome. One-third of Americans are in the stock market and some do not know how to go through the market efficiently. Paul Mampilly who is an experienced investor who has been offering investment tips to potential investors. Paul Mampilly advices the new investors to focus mainly on innovative and technology trends giving an example of mobile industry where investors are making a lot of money. Mampilly through his experiences that many people will rush to buy electric vehicles whose maintenance costs are low compared the traditional gasoline cars which will appeal to more drivers. Following this trend, electric vehicle stock will eventually attract more investors.

Another field of concern according to Paul Mampilly is precision medicine. This involve diagnosis of cancer using genetic testing where doctors will be using patient’s DNA code in comparison with information on comprehensive database and then a perfect medical match instead of relying in prescription guesswork as it is today. This trend according to Paul will attract investors in genetic testing companies. Eating habits in America has changed and people eat more in their favorite restaurants but not all of them provide healthy food. Mampilly observes that food delivery companies have emerged which deliver healthy meals to their customers at their own homes and this has become a significant investment idea, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

Through Profits Unlimited, a publication by Paul Mampilly, investors who follow his suggestions and tips which has removed the guesswork out of investing eventually make profits for their better living standards. The subscribers have their personal brokerage accounts and are able to get advice to a financial advisor who can’t access the subscriber’s account and the recommended stocks have impressed many subscribers. The newsletter has 60,000 subscribers so far which is a high number compared to others whose subscriptions numbers get low day by day, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Paul was employed on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager for almost twenty years and has worked with Kinetics International and some investment banks. In 2009, he won the Templeton Foundation Competition after managing to turn $50 million to $88 million after a specified period of time despite the severe financial crisis then. He then became the Chief Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing Company and that was when he worked on his Profits Unlimited Publication which he updates monthly on his recommended stocks. His other editions are True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes and articles on Winning Investor Daily.