Why American Institute of Architects Is Leading In Architecture

The American Institute of Architects, famously known as the AIA, is based out of the USA and is the most competent organization for architects. Its main offices are in Washington, D.C, with an estimated number of 200 staffs and 300 local chapters.AIA is a membership organization that supports the architectural profession through education, community development, government advocacy and public outreach programs.

Robert Ivy and Thomas Vonier are presently the CEO and the President of the AIA respectively. Robert Ivy is a wise, soft spoken individual with many achievements. He is a professional in the field of building and construction, but he does a pretty good job in motivating architecture professional to think big.

He believes that architecture has a big influence in many areas, including disaster relief solutions and health improvement. During the September Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, AIA revealed its commitment to create programs and develop solutions that focus on improving the public health sector and natural disasters that hits major cities. In this regard, AIA is sponsoring university researches by offering grants.

The main objective of AIA is to provide the architects with the resources that they need to deliver quality work. In fact, every year the organization:

Offers grants to hundreds of ongoing education programs to support architects and help them maintain their licenses.

Prove that they are still the best in the business. This is achieved by applying and securing more than one hundred contracts in design and construction industry.

Assist hundreds of emerging architecture experts by proving them with all the resources that they need, including web-based materials.

Invests heavily in market research to find out what’s trending and prepares a detail report on the economic events that have an impact in the field of architecture.

Hosts the annual American Institute of Architecture (AIA) conference on Architecture

As the top organization in the field of architecture, you can say that AIA acts as a “role model” in architecture.

Present awards to members that have done a great job and achieved their targets.

The organization work hard to meet the interests of architectures by using various tools to educate people about the advantages of good design and the importance of architecture. In this regard, they are partnering with various bodies to ensure that the nation is aware about the impact of architecture.